The Elcor are an very massive race that are from the planet Dekuuna. Most Elcor are deliberate and constructive.


Elcor are amazingly strong and slow. They have four legs and have thick skin. Elcor also speak slowly and have deep voices.


Elcor are usually welcoming to outsiders. elcor also love entertainment and the arts. Some Elcor have phycopathic tendencies.


The Elcor's government is known as the Courts of Dekuuna. Elcors listen to their elders which have data hollow grams that state the laws if accessed.


The Elcor can not carry rifles so, instead they have machine guns mounted on their backs. The Elcor demolitions have rocket launchers mounted on their backs. Due to these reasons the Elcor Military is one of the deadliest in the galaxy.

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